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Sunday, June 29, 2008


So I was letting Jack take pictures with the camera and he was just walking around clicking away having a good old time. Well, he is much smarter than I thought...there is a video function on our camera, too, and I just discovered some little movies he made! I was looking through my pictures on the computer here (instead of mopping the floor) and I saw all these little movie icons...so I opened one, and I about peed myself. Maybe I only think this is hilarious because I'm his mom, but watch this little clip with your volume up, and I think you will smile, too!

This weekend...

Since I cut my hours at work back to 2 days a week, this was my first weekend where I worked my 2 twelves back to back. My gosh, I missed my kids so much! Where it is nice to leave the house and have a purpose somewhere else, I always find myself wishing I was at home doing mommy things. I love being a nurse...some days more than others, but not near as much as I love being a mom! I had 9 days off before I went to work this past Friday, and I think Jack was becoming a little tired of seeing my face! So when I got home Saturday morning and went into his room to get him, his little face just lit up and he said with a big smile "you home! You a nurse and you home!" Whenever he sees me in my scrubs he always asks "you go to work and be a nurse?" It is so cute! Now Saturday morning as I entered his room, I had to remind myself that I was, in fact, at home, and not at the hospital, because THAT SMELL when I opened Jack's door hit me in the face like a ton of bricks that had enclosed a port-a-pot for 100 years! Yes, that's right, my darling boy, with his sweet glowing face had cooked me up a good morning poop. Not only that, he had peed through his diaper, his jammies and his sheet! Poor guy...not that he cared. I have seriously wondered if he even has a sense of smell. So that was nice.

Then I got Emma up which is always fun. Jack climbs in her crib and they giggle for a little bit. So cute...I love watching them develop a relationship with each other. I think they really are each other's favorite person right now...I hope they always are.

So Saturday night, I went back to work, had a good night. I had very sweet patients and genuinely enjoyed the company of my co-workers. My co-workers are my favorite part of my job. Nursing really is like a team sport, and I've got a good team. Sunday morning I came home, had some coffee with Joel and watched Emma crawl through the house. I went to bed, got up and Joel made a yummy dinner! He is a great cook...I really lucked out since I don't know squat about being in the kitchen! We played with the kids and watched some TV...my favorite kind-of day. So now everyone is in bed except me! I need to mop the floors now that they are Emma's new playground! But I am doing this instead because it is more fun and it doesn't require me to get up from the couch. As it turns out though, I guess I really don't have much else to say...hard to believe, right? :)

Busy Emma!

Now that Emma is crawling, she is absolutely everywhere! She is so excited all the time at all the sights from her new perspective! Jack sure likes her moving around now, but I think he wishes she could move a little faster. He tries to nudge her a little bit but always ends up knocking her over! I was very excited to get this cute little video of Emma on the move. She was so funny when she came across the AC vent blowing air at her. And with her long hair, she looked just like a little Marilyn Monroe! And, of course, I am even more excited that I was able to post this video! Hope it works!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

So big!

Baby Emma is 9 months old today! I just can't believe it! The time really does go so fast once you have kids! I feel like it was just yesterday we brought her home! And Jack is just such the little man! It makes me both proud and sad at the same time to see them so big already! Emma's only been crawling for a few days, and she is already becoming an expert! She is getting better at it everyday! Jack is such a sweet big brother, too...well, today at least. Emma crawled right into a table and bumped her head, and Jack walked right over to comfort her. He rubbed her back and kissed her head and said "You OK, Emma?" It was precious. I am glad Jack is learning to be more polite and considerate. He is getting much better at saying please and thank you. When he hears someone sneeze, he usually says bless you. In fact, the other night, we had just put him to bed, and Joel and I were downstairs and Joel sneezed really loud, and we heard Jack yell from his bed "Bless you, Daddy!" It was so funny!
So now that Jack is getting the hang of using manners, I have hope that he will soon get the hang of using the potty! Toddler poop is so gross!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My first mommy bouquet

It may look like just two little carnations picked from the neighbor's yard...but really, it is one of those things that all mommies of little boys look forward to...my first bouquet from Jack. I really did wonder when Jack was a baby about the first time he would pick me some flowers. Of course, I thought it would be dandelions, but pink carnations...even better. Even if my neighbor actually cut them and told Jack to give them to me...it is still so cute! He had been out playing with Joel and I was inside playing on the floor with Emma. When the boys came in, Jack walked right over to me and dropped the two little flowers on my lap and said "here". Totally tugged my heart strings! I never want that little boy to grow up...I mean, I do, but he is soooooo cute like this! Of course, he is also so onry...but I will take the tantrums, the diapers, and the messes in exchange for that sweet little Jack lovin' anyday!

Way to go, Joel!

Not only is Joel the best husband and father one could imagine, but he was also recently recognized by the city of Columbus for his work on emergency vehicle operations and ethics. The data he collected and presented to his classes was very well recieved. He was awarded Outstanding Police Officer of the Month! Yay, Joel! I know that Joel sometimes feels like he is less of a cop because he no longer works patrol, but everyday he walks out that door and heads to work, I feel tremendously proud to be his wife. And to Jack and Emma, he will always be their hero!


I realize there are no pictures of Jack on here yet!! He is at a point now that when he sees me with the camera, he either covers his face with his hands or squeezes his eyes shut real tight. I think his thought process is "If I can't see you, then you can't see me." Much to his dismay, I can see him and have a nice collection of pictures of Jack with his hands over his face or his eyes squeezed shut! But, here is one of my favorite Jack pics of all time...GO BUCKS!

Emma on the move...

I knew it was going to happen eventually...I was going to be the mother of two mobile children. Yes, that's right, Emma is crawling! Now, for awhile, she was simply laying on her back, kicking her legs up and using the momentum from her swinging legs to move around. It really was quite entertaining to watch. Then she took to rolling everywhere. The past two weeks she has been up on her hands and knees rocking back and forth, with such force sometimes that she ended up planting her face into the floor! And the child who was once so quiet, mellow, and care-free, has now adapted her brother's impatience and poor tolerance for things not going as she planned. Jack is definitely an "I want what I want, and I want it now" type of guy. And now my sweet Emma is quite the pistol when she doesn't get what she wants right away. And what she really wants is to walk! I think she just resorted to crawling because as much as she tries, she just can't pull herself to a standing position on her own yet! The other day, she was trying sooo hard to pull herself up on the ottoman, and when it didn't work out, you can see that she decided to make out with the ottoman instead! Sooooo funny! So these days, there is a lot of whining and screaming going on here! And I am a nervous wreck now that Emma is mobile about having to go through the house again and childproof the things she can now get to. That girl wants to put everything in her mouth! So, I may crawl around my house, pretend that I am 9 months old, and remove anything that looks enticing...which is just about everything. Ah, the stress and joy of parenting!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Emma and her coffee...

So, every morning, Joel and I have coffee, and Emma has this obsession with Joel's mug as she sits on his lap while he sips his coffee. He gives her the mug when he is done, and she thinks that is just the coolest thing ever. So this morning, she was playing with the empty mug, as usual, only this time she actually brought it to her mouth like she was drinking it! So cute! So I grabbed the camera and got a picture. Then, while I was clicking away, I caught her in mid-yawn, still holding the mug, as if she was saying "I need a refill." I swear...everyday is more fun than the last in this house!