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Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Catching Up...

One of the reasons I completely abandoned my blog last spring was that I became obsessed with gardening! I mean that I became a total plant geek. I never knew how fun and therapeutic it could be to play in the dirt. I just fell in love with planting things and caring for them and watching them become beautiful....in a way, I find it similar to being a mom! All I read for months was gardening books so I could learn as much as possible about what I was growing. I would get up early so I could go work in the garden before anybody was even awake. Jack and Emma learned to love it, too! Jack would ask everyday if we could go outside and garden! It turned out to be a very rewarding hobby......but also an expensive one, and at times, a frustrating one! Don't' even get me started on how I loathe Japanese beetles! I have included some pictures of some of gardening pride from this past spring. I am already excited to get out in the dirt next year!
Last Spring also brought another new baby to one of my dear friends! Keira and Brandon welcomed their first child, Aiden, on May 5, 2009. Jack and Emma's circle of friends is growing bigger every month it seems!


Michelle said...

These pictures are GORGEOUS!!